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How do I edit eMails quick & easy in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)?

This article outlines how to use the free MSCRM-ADDONS WYSIWYG-Editor in order to edit eMails quick and easy in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). 

Requirements: ActivityToolsPluginExtension Solution (learn more about the solution and how to install it here)

YOUR HUGE ADVANTAGE: Edit & customize eMails directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Once the ActivityToolsPluginExtension solution is installed, you can edit emails with a click on the [Open e-mail in dialog]-button.

Figure 1: Click on the [Open e-mail in dialog]-button

This action opens the WYSIWYG eMail editor, which allows you to customize your eMails in many different ways.

Figure 2: WYSIWYG eMail editor


The following overview displays the main customization possibilities.

Figure 3: Customization possiblities 

Select your Style here

Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Remove Font Style 

Font Size

Font Family

More Color/Recent Color

Back and Forth


 Insert Link  

 Insert Picture
        There are two options to insert a picture:       


The editor enables you to insert and manage tables as well:

Figure 4: Further customization possibilities (e.g. for tables)

Insert a table (max. 12 x 10, min. 1 x 1) and select the style of the table here

Click here in order to insert a horizontal rule

Switch to the code view with a click on this button

Unordered list/ordered list

The Paragraph-section contains all commands that are explained under point 6

Allign left, allign center, allign right, justify full, outdent, indent

Line height

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