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How to activate AAD TeamMember Licensing

The following step-by-step instruction shows you how to enable the TeamMember licensing for our add-ons. This makes sense for Dynamics 365 Online organizations which use "Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Member" licenses. 

 Please also have a look at the corresponding blog article Licensing Guide for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Open your Dynamics 365 Settings, navigate to MSCRM-ADDONS-section (highlighted in yellow) and select the add-on you want to activate the TeamMember Licensing for. This activation process has to be done for each add-on separately. Depending on which of our solutions you choose, the main configuration window will provide you with different tabs. 


For example, if you select DocumentsCorePack, the main configuration window looks like in the figure below. To activate the TeamMember Licensing for DCP, please navigate to the License Server-tab. 

❶  You have to click on the [Enable Team licensing]-button like you can see in the figure below. 


 Next, this window pops up where you have to type in the username of a Dynamics 365 administrator like you can see below. Then hit the [Start]-button.


❸ A new window will open, where you have to sign in with an Office 365 admin account. Please note, that it could be possible that you first must disable your popup blocker for that. Then sign in and hit the [Next]-button. 



❺ If the process was successful you will be linked to our website showing the information below. 


After enabling successfully the TeamMember licensing, please go back to the license dialog and click on the [Enable]-button to finish the process. 



 After activating, you will be provided with the window below, which shows you the license summary. 


❶ The General license information shows you that your AAD TeamMember licensing is enabled.

 Licenses for TeamMembers shows the amount of Dynamics 365 TeamMember users and the Number of site licenses above shows you the amount of normal Dynamics  365 licenses reduced by the TeamMember users. 

❸ Here you can edit your TeamMember licensing. By clicking this you will be provided with the window below, where you are able to Renew or Disable your TeamMember licensing. 

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