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How to add Custom Buttons to SmartBar

SmartBar for MS Dynamics CRM 2015/2016 and Dynamics 365 enables you to create custom buttons next to the standard buttons.

To do so, you need to navigate to the Buttons-tab.
Simply open the SmartBar setting, navigate to My SmartBar and click on the [Gear icon]–button. 

In order to create a custom button, simply click on the [Add]-button in the SmartBar settings’ Buttons-tab in the right lower corner.

Figure 1: Add custom button

Once you have clicked on the [Add]-button, you will be presented with the below window.
It supports you with the customization of your button.

As for example, in the Type-section, you can select between Entity|Sitemap, Javascript Function, Scroll to Section or Link.

Figure 2: Custom button window with different button types

As you can see, you can add more than one type of custom buttons.
Because of the buttons’ different functionalities, also the fields that can be customized vary from type to type.

Please find some detailed information regarding to the customization of the different types in the SmartBar Installation and User Guide.

Please note:
There is also a difference between the Custom Button-window in Standard Style and the Custom Button-window in Metro Style. If you use Metro Style, the Custom Buttons window offers more options.

So, if you switch from Standard Style to Metro Style, your Custom Button-window will contain all the usual components of the Custom Buttons-window plus the Button Background Color and the Button Width option.

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