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How to boost your marketing campaigns in MS Dynamics 365 with PowerDialer for TelephoneIntegration

Our MSCRM-ADDON TelephoneIntegration offers lots of valuable features that will boost your daily phone tasks and track your phone call activities in Microsoft Dyamics 365 (CRM).

One of them is the PowerDialer. Learn more about how to enable/disable the Power Dialer for TelephoneIntegration in this blog article.


Basically, the Power Dialer enables you to work with semi-automated call queues.

Power dialing usually bases on Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 Campaign Activities or on a custom Power Dialer List entity.

Figure 1: PowerDialing Functionalities

Figure 2: Campaign based activity based on Power Dialing


A server-side integration allows to mark Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 Campaign/Campaign Activities as Power Dialer lists.
The TelephoneIntegration Client can attach to them and process the calls saved in these power dialing lists according to their settings.

The base for the Power Dialer is the extended CRM Campaign/Campaign Activity entity.
The Power Dialer processes the phone calls created in the CRM call-campaign-activity.
The term Power dialing list refers to a CRM call-campaign-activity, marked as Power Dialing list.

Users participating in the Power Dialer are defined via the ownership of the created phone calls of a CRM call-campaign-activity.
This is either a specific user or a team. To assign multiple persons to a Power Dialer, the creation of a team in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) settings-area is mandatory.

To create a campaign activity based Power dialer list, you have to follow the below steps:

Create a marketing list of selected contacts, leads or accounts.

Create a campaign and add the previously created marketing list.

Create a campaign activity and distribute it to marketing list members by using the phone channel.

Power Dialer also offers the possibility to create a Power dialer list based on custom power dialer list entities.
This requires a little bit more attention. For further information on how to do so, please have a look at this blog article.

Or simply start by gathering more information about how to work with PowerDialer here.

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