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How to correct SharePoint paths exceeding the limitations (Advanced)

This article provides you with information on how to correct SharePoint paths exceeding the limitations. Please note, that this article is only considered to serve advanced Microsoft Dynamics users and only if you have received the SharePoint error 414 previously. The information provided here is connected to the SharePoint path limitation avoidance article, which can be found here

How do I correct potentially exceeding paths? 

Please check the existing library structure. This is required for EVERY record separately. 
Please note: The path logic should be modified before fixing existing problems, as CRM might recreate the folder applying the old path logic again. 

Scenario 1) The SharePoint library is empty (no files AND no folders)

        a) Delete the SharePoint library

        b) Next, please delete the document location in CRM

When the library is created anew, the updated path logic will apply.

Scenario 2) The SharePoint library contains items (files or folders)


Please note: Renaming any folders in SharePoint will break the AttachmentExtractor URL in CRM that points to those records. This makes the attachments inaccessible from within CRM! ​


a) Rename the SharePoint folder 
Please note: You can only rename folders!

       b) Update the document location in CRM

Please make sure, that the created path matches the nomenclature of the folder definition in your CRM. Otherwise, new folders will be generated, rendering the folder name change useless.

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