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How to check the existenz or the value of a SettingsKey in MS Dynamics 365

Sometimes you may be asked to check the existenz or the value of a new settingskey for one of our products (e.g. for troubleshooting of issue or when having special configuratinos, etc.). 

How to find a SettingsKey in MS CRM Dynamics 365

    1. Open CRM in your Browser.

    2. Navigate to Settings within the Dynamics365 navigation.
    Dynamics365 navigation

    Figure 1: Dynamics365 Navigation

    3. Within the settings, navigate to Products in the Extensions-area of the sitemap. Products

    Figure 2: Products in the CRM settings

    4. Open the product record for which you should check its existenz or its value. This information should be provided as information along with the reference to this article. Products

    Figure 3: List of Products

    5. The product record contains a list of all settings for this prodcut (see Figure 5). Here you can check Products

    Figure 5: List of settingskeys-menu

Please note: If a value for a key is changed and the effected product is a client application like DocumentsCorePack or TelephoneIntegration, you need to restart the Client application. Otherwise, the setting will not be applied.

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