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How to configure DCP FileExplorer in an IFD Environment with WebDrive

In an IFD Environment it is hard to implement a FileShare which is available through the Internet. We found a product named WebDrive where you could configure, for example an FTP which will be mapped to a local drive.

Here is a link to the product website: 

You are able to connect to FTP, WebDAV, FrontPage, GroupDrive, SFTP (ssh) and Amazon-S3.

We tested the tool and in combination with DCP FileExplorer Integration it works really fine.

To configure WebDrive, please follow the user guide of WebDrive. The important thing is, that you have to install WebDrive on the CRM Server and on all Clients. And the WebDrive must be mapped on all machines to the same local drive letter. E.g. W:\

Per default settings the WebDrive caches the files. So when one user creates a document and another user opens the file location, it could be possible that the file doesn’t exist for the second user because of the cache. In the WebDrive settings you have to set the Cache options to None.

Figure 1: WebDrive settings

After you have configured WebDrive to e.g. W:\ you have to configure the FileShare for the FileExplorer Documents in the DCP Config also to W:\

Figure 2: WebDrive settings - FileShare 


Figure 3: DCP Server Config Setting

After these steps you should be able to use FileExplorer integration in an IFD environment.

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