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How to create a DocumentsCorePack template for AssureSign (for 1 Signer)

To create a DocumentsCorePack template for AssureSign, open the–tab in Microsoft Word and follow the instructions below:  

Step 1:
Open the Template Designer and then click the drop down menu of the [Insert Field]-button.

Figure 1: DocumentsCorePack Template Designer 

Step 2:
Select Insert AssureSign Item > Text or Signature (depending on what you want to work on): 

Figure 2: Insert Field > Insert AssureSign Item > Text

Let us pretend, you start with the field Text. The following field appears at the position of your cursor: 

Figure 3: Inserted text field

Step 3:
Click into the field and then select the Field properties in order to open the AssureSign Properties Window. In this window, you can set the properties for the type Text.

Step 4:
Set your Assure Sign Text-poperties correspondingly:

Figure 4: AssureSign text properties - Basic settings

Usually, the predefined Visual Settings-values from DocumentsCorePack should bring a good result, but they can - of course – also be customized.
When you are finished, click on the [OK]-button in order to proceed:

Figure 5: AussureSign text properties - visual settings

Step 5:
In case you decide to work on the signature, the following window appears after you have fullfilled Step 3:

Figure 6: Assure Sign signature properties

Additionally to the settings that have already been explained in the screenshots in Step 4, you can change the signature’s color from black to blue or vice versa.

Step 6:
Enjoy your DocumentsCorePack template for AssureSign for 1 signer! Smile 

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