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How to enable debugging for DocumentsCorePack Client


Please note: 
This article applies to
DocumentsCorePack CLIENT for MS Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015,
as well as for MS Dynamics CRM 2015/2016 and MS Dynamics 365


Step-by-Step instruction on
how to activate debugging for DocumentsCorePack Client

1) Open MS Word and go to the Click on the [DocumentsCorePack Settings]-button.

Figure 1: Open the DocumentsCorePack Settings

2) The Following window appears up to version 7.109:

Figure 2: DocumentsCorePack Settings up to version 7.109

When you work with version 7.109 or higher, the dialog looks a little different, but the Activate Debugging-functionality can still be found in the 
General section of the DocumentsCorePack settings. 

Figure 3: DocumentsCorePack Settings up from version 7.109

3) Activate debugging by checking the regarding combobox. 

4) Now please click on the [Delete Log Files]-button. 

Figure 4: Click on the [Delete Log Files]-button

5) Next, please restart the DocumentsCorePack dataprovider as well! To do so, please search for the dataprovider in the right corner of the StartPane.
Close it with a right-click on the symbol. The dataprovider will start automatically when using DocumentsCorePack.

Figure 5: DocumentsCorePack dataprovider

6) The log-files can now be found in the log-subdirectory in the DocumentsCorePack temporary directory under %temp%\DCP\log
Please send all files in this case!

Figure 6:

Figure 7: DocumentCorePack log-files

Please note: Before sending the log files to you have to repeat all steps you took until the error occours! This is necessary to capture the error in our log-files.

Please Send these files and a short description on which steps were taken to:

What if you cannot access the DocumentsCorePack Settings?

In some cases it is not possible to open the DocumentsCorePack Settings. Then you have to active debugging by searching for the Registry Editor by typing in regedit in the StartPane.

Next, open the Registry and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MASCHINE\SOFTWARE\PTM EDV-Systeme\Wordmailmergeclient\…     

Figure 8: Registry Editor

Go to DocumentsCorePackClient in the registry-tree, press the right mouse button and create a new string value called debug. Now set the value on true and click on the [OK]-button. 

Figure 9: Edit String

Figure 10: New string (highlighted in yellow) 

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