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How to import, export & transfer templates using the DocumentsCorePack Online Service Configuration

This blog article outlines how to import, export and transfer templates using the DCP online service configuration.Our DocumentsCorePack (DCP) Online Service Configuration allows users to configure DCP easily online. For further information on how to configure DCP Online, please have a look at our DCP Online Configuration video. 

The DCP Online Config offers lots of useful functionalities, such as for example import, export and transfer templates. This step-by-step tutorial outlines how to use them properly.

1. Login to, go to My Account and then My Cloud Service. 

2. Select the ❶ service that you want to import/export your templates from and click on the  [import/export documentscorepack templates]-button . 


3. This opens the Template Management-window, which allows you to import, export and transfer templates as you can see below.


Import templates 
Please click on the [Import]-button if you would like to import DCP templates. You may select multiple *.docx/ *.docm/ *.dot templates or *.zip file containing multiple templates. You can also drag and drop files form the explorer to this dialog. Furthermore, you will be asked to specify how to proceed with the templates you import, if that already exists in the system. You have the possibility to select between the following three options, as you can see in the figure below. These options are also available if you want to transfer a template. 


1) Overwrite
The template GUID stays the same. 

2) Create new
The 'old' version will be kept with the 'old' template GUID and the 'new' version of the template will be imported with a 'new' template GUID. 

3) Skip 
All existing templates will be ignored. Only new templates will be imported.

 Export templates
Please click on the [Export]-button in order to export all DCP templates as .*zip-files.

❸ Transfer templates 
You have the posibility to move templates to another organization. Select the organization where you want to transfer your templates to and click on the [Transfer]-button. If a template already exists, you can choose as explained before between overwrite, create new and skip. 

IMPORTANT: Should the templates not be extracted correctly, make sure you do not export to a folder that has a lot of subfolders. The maximum length should not be over 260 characters. 

Correct folder structure for exporting:

Incorrect folder path for exporting:

That's it!
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