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How to send emails with picture links using DocumentsCorePack

This article describes how to send emails in workflows with dynamic images. Sometimes, it happens that e-Mail programs do not resolve inserted dynamic images correctly. With our DocumentsCorePack [Insert as Picture-Link]-field you can solve this problem.

First open a template or create a new one with the email content. Then insert the dynamic image into the document.

There are two different ways to insert dynamic images in a Word Template (docx.):

1) Insert picture as “Base64String”
Then the picture will be inserted in the email content as picture. This is set in Word as default. Sometimes it happens, that email programmes do not resolve these pictures correctly when sent.

2) Insert picture as a “Link”
With the “Insert as Picture-Link-Field”-functionality users are able to insert a picture directly from a link which is stored in any CRM-field! Available for DocumentsCorePack v5.97 and higher. Click here for download and test it. For more information on how to insert a Picture-Link-Field to your template please click here for a step-by-step description. Please note, that the recipient needs to access the picture externally.

Enable Word properties to use picture link
As default, Microsoft Words properties are set to always insert picture as “Base64String”. Which means that the picture will be inserted in the email content as picture. Sometimes it happens, that email programs do not resolve these pictures correctly when sent. In order to enable MS Word inserting a picture link in your template, follow the instructions below (valid for Word 2013):

In your opened docx.template go to “File”

Figure 1: Click on FILE

and click on “Info”. Then choose “Properties” and “Advanced Properties”

Figure 2: Click on INFO

In the following window, switch to the “Custom”-tab:

Figure 3: MS Word Properties Window

Set the “Name:” as “AlwaysExportImagesAsBase64” and set the “Value:” to “false”. Then click on "Add" and click “OK”. 

Note: You have to enable this property for every Template for which you want to insert dynamic images. Now, Picture-Link-Fields can be inserted into your Template (.docx) and resolved correctly. 

Once finished, save your template.

Next create or open an appropriate email-workflow and upload your template. As a result, the picture has been added as a picture link and the email programm is able to resolve it correctly when sent. (See next screenshot)

Figure 4: Picture in an email body which has been inserted as picture-link-field

Next open your CRM and navigate to an entity e.g. “Account” “”. Click on the “more commands”-sign at the top to start a workflow. 

Learn how to create a workflow here

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