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How to set restrictions for dialing from a related CRM-record

In general, TelephoneIntegration allows users to dial from related CRM-records. This means, that they have the possibility to select from a list of records related to the initially opened one when dialing out from CRM (e.g. from related leads, contacts, etc.).

You have the possibility to set restrictions for the related records to be displayed in the TelephoneIntegration balloon (e.g. In case of dialling out from an opportunity, you want accounts to be displayed, but not the related contacts and leads). In order to do so, you have to create a new settingskey and follow the below steps. 

1. Open your CRM in the Internet Explorer

2. Navigate to the CRM Settings

Figure 1: CRM Settings in the CRM sitemap


3. Select Products from the Extensions in the menu on the left.

Figure 2: Products in the CRM Settings

4. Check the checkbox in front of TelephoneIntegration (1). Then click on the [Edit]-button (2).

Figure 3: Edit TelephoneIntegration in the CRM Settings

5. A new CRM window will open. Within this window, click on Settingskeys (1) in the command bar. Then, click on Add New Settingskeys (2).

Figure 4: View and add settingskeys for TelephoneIntegration in the CRM settings

6. A new window opens. Within this window, insert a name and a KeyValue. Make sure that they are structured like this:

name: DFR_Disable_{entity name}
cached value: entity name1;entity name2; entity name3

Furthermore, set IsCached on Yes.

As for our example (dialing out starting from an opportunity, accounts should be displayed, but not the related contacts and leads), are filled like shown below. 
This varys depending on how you would like to configure TelephoneIntegration: 

Figure 5: Create new settingskey

If you want to disable all subrelated data records, you must insert "*" into the KeyValue-field and DFR_Disable_opportunity’ into the Name-field.

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