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How to upgrade GroupCalendar for MS CRM 2011 to 2013
This article will show you how to prepare GroupCalendar on-premise and online for MS CRM 2011 for an update of your CRM system to 2013!

First of all, make sure that you have a valid addon-license for MS CRM 2013. NOTE: your actual GroupCalendar for MS CRM 2011 license is not valid for 2013. If you have a valid support contract, then you can order a new CRM 2013 license for free. For more information please contact our support-team

1) What to do before you upgrade your MS CRM system to 2013
IMPORTANT: in order to upgrade GroupCalendar on-premise for MS CRM 2011 to 2013, the current GroupCalendar version has to be 5.61 or higher! You can download and install the latest version from our download area at

To verify the current GroupCalendar version, start “Configuration – GroupCalendar for MS CRM 2011” from the start menu.

Figure 1: Verfiy GroupCalendar version

Following window appears:

Figure 2: Current GroupCalendar version number 

2) Now you are ready to upgrade your MS CRM system to 2013     
Once you have finished upgrading MS CRM 2011 to MS CRM 2013 you have to download the latest GroupCalendar for MS CRM 2013 version. With the installation of GroupCalendar for MS CRM 2013 the addon is updated automatically and ready to use for MS CRM 2013. All your settings are of course the same as before! For more information please read our GroupCalendar Installation Guide.

3. Install the new license for GroupCalendar on premise and IFD
The GroucCalendar on premise and IFD for MS CRM 2013 need a new license. Please contact to get your new license and install it with the LicenseManager.

4. How to upgrade GroupCalendar online for MS CRM 2011 to 2013
Before you upgrade your MS CRM system to 2013, please consider following:

As soon as you have scheduled an appointment with Microsoft regarding the upgrade, please contact our support team and let us know. We will prepare the proper Windows Azure Server. After you have been successfully upgraded, please contact us so that we can upgrade your GroupCalendar to the CRM 2013 version. All your settings are of course the same as before. 

To ensure fully compatibility of your GroupCalendar online, please follow the post-update steps described in this article.

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