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How to upgrade to MS CRM 2015

This article provides a step-by-step upgrade path of our solutions to the new MS CRM 2015 release!

From MS CRM 2013

  1. Request License: To run our addons on MS CRM 2015, you need to request a license for the CRM 2015 version of our solution.
    Upgrades of MS CRM are covered with our support & maintenance.
    Thus, every customer with a valid support contract can go ahead and request a license by sending an email including the unique CRM organization unit name
  2. to

    How to get the unique CRM organization unit name? 
    Link: Get Unique Organization unit name

  3. Check currently installed version
    DocumentsCorePack: If you are using DocumentsCorePack please ensure that the server component is on v 6.8 or higher.
    How to check the version number?
    Link: Version number guide
    You can download the most current version for CRM 2013 from Downloads 

    All other addons are fine to upgrade from any CRM 2013 version! 
  4. Upgrade your CRM instance to MS CRM 2015!

  5. Download the CRM 2015 version of our solution
    You can download the version for CRM 2015 from our Download – center (Login required)

  6. Install CRM 2015 version of our solution
    Once you start the installer it will detect the currently installed version and perform an upgrade automatically. You will not loose any configuration during this process!

  7. Install new License
    Finally you will need to install the new license using the LicenseManager that comes with the installation of our solution (accessible via the Start Menu or Installation folder)


Microsoft requires to upgrade to CRM 2013 prior to being able to upgrade to CRM 2015. This being said, you will need to upgrade our solutions to CRM 2013 too before you can proceed with your Upgrade to CRM 2015 as above described.

Upgrade paths from MS CRM 2011 to MS CRM 2013

SmartBar is THE exception when it comes to upgrades previous to CRM 2013, because SmartBar was known as RecordCounter before. RecordCounter did not have as many functionalities as SmartBar, thus, it does not work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013!
This means, if you want to upgrade the RecordCounter to SmartBar (CRM 2013), you simply have to deinstall it. Click here to get an overview how to deinstall RecordCounter. 

After the deinstallation you can install SmartBar for CRM 2013. Up from that version, the update for SmartBar is similar to the above described process. 


  • How do I upgrade form CRM 4.0?
    Upgrading from CRM 4.0 requires to uninstall our solutions and reinstall the solutions for CRM 2015 after performing the upgrade. If you need assistance – please contact

  • What if my CRM Online instance was upgraded without checking the current version of our addon?
    Please send an email to – we will check the status and help you get going asap!

That’s it!  
We appreciate your feedback about the upgrade path and your CRM 2015 user experience. Please share your thoughts by sending an email to

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