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How to use TelephoneIntegrations' Smart Find feature

This article outlines how to use the Smart Find feature of TelephoneIntegration. This feature facilitates the find of all extensions related to an account when receiving an incoming call. It can be used occasionally or activated for permanent use. 

Purpose of the Smart Find feature
Once the TelephoneIntegration Smart Find feature is activated, it permanently resolves numbers that are related to an incoming call. 

Figure 1: Without Smart Find -Incoming call (main number: 680880) with extension (21) NOT resolved

Figure 2: With Smart Find - Incoming call (main number: 680880) with extension (21) resolved

For example:

You receive a call from the number 0316 68088021.
0316 680880 = main number 
21 = extension 

The main number is saved in your CRM, but the extension is not. This is why TelephoneIntegration usually resolves the number 0316 68088021 as an unknown number. 

When activating the Smart Find feature (no matter if occassionally or permanently), TelephoneIntegration will provide you with the extension that is saved in CRM for this particular number. 

How do I activate the Smart Find feature?
The SmartFind can be activated occasionally or permanently.  

In order to activate it on occasion, simply click on Search Potential in the Context menu. 

Figure 3: Ocasionally activated Smart Find

In order to activate it permanently, simply navigate to the Advanced-tab in the TelephoneIntegration Settings and check the activate search for potential matches-checkbox in the Search for potential matches-section. Next, click on the [Save]-button. 

Figure 4: Activate Smart Find permanently

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