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WordMailMerge Add-on Error


Figure 1: Security Issue: WordMailmErge Add-On Error




To solve this issue, you first have to set the Internet Explorer Security, to enable mail merge from the CRM web client.

Please note: The tasks below are done on each client machine or on the terminal server. These settings apply for all versions of the Internet Explorer (including IE 7).

WordMailMerge will run under the standard security settings pre-defined for the Trusted sites. However, as part of the IE security, you will be prompted if you want to activate the WordMailMerge ActiveX add-in.

In order to run WordMailMerge without being prompted, follow the steps below.


First, you need to check which Security Zone the CRM system runs on the client machine.

To do so, follow the below steps:

1. Start the Internet Explorer
2. Type the CRM Server address in the Address Bar
3. Check the Zone Setting on the right side of the Internet Explorer Status Bar

Example of the Zone Settings:

Figure 1: Example of zone setting

Figure Nr 2 shows you how to change the security zone of MS CRM.

Figure 2: Internet Options window


Please enter your CRM-site to this list on every client!

Now setup the Internet Explorer to allow the WordMailMerge ActiveX controls to run:

Doubleclick on the Zone Setting Icon (Local Intranet in this example). The following dialog box will appear:


Figure 3: Internet Options - Security dialog box


Now make sure, that the highlighted checkbox is deactivated:

Figure 4: Security dialog box

Now click on the [Custom Level]-button to see the current Security Zone Settings.
You must now set the following settings, to either Enable or Prompt (Enable is recommended):


Figure 5: Security Settings - Trusted Sites Zone


Figure 6: Security Settings - Trusted Sites Zone1


Figure 7: Security Settings - Trusted Sites Zone2

Click twice on the [OK]-button in order to accept and close the Security Zone Settings.

The WordMailMerge Client is now setup and ready to mail merge from both Microsoft Word and the Microsoft CRM Web Client.


If this still not resolves the issue:

Please have a look at this article


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