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AssureSign for DocumentsCorePack

How does AssureSign work?

AssureSign simplifies the world of e-signatures. It is a tool that empowers you to electronically sign documents.

We are happy to announce that we now offer the possibility to use AssureSign within DocumentsCorePack. Benefit from this combination and take the usability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a whole new level. 

How to install AssureSign for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Step 1: Create an AssureSign account.
Step 2: Install AssureSign in CRM.
Step 3: Setup AssureSign in CRM

Please follow the link below for detailed information provided by AssureSign:

Make sure, that DocumentsCorePack-Server Version 2015.111 is installed on your CRM and that DocumentsCorePack-Client Version 7.102 is installed on your Client.

If you need to upgrade to or install one of the versions, please follow our Installation-Guides:

How to import AssureSign Templates

To work with AssureSign in DocumentsCorePack you will need some AssureSign templates.

Please note: These AssureSign-Templates are different to our DocumentsCorePack templates!

AssureSign templates define how AssureSign should work with DCP templates, like who is getting which emails at what time etc.

That is why DocumentsCorePack needs exactly one AssureSign template corresponding to the number of signers (which is identical to the number of signatures). So if there is/are 

one signature the addon needs an AssureSign template called mscrmAddons_1Signer 
two signatures DocumentsCorePack needs an AssureSign-Template called mscrmAddons_2Signer and so on…

Please find the latest version of our .zip-file called here.    

Please note: It includes 3 files so you can use up to 3 signers in AssureSign.

To import AssureSign templates, repeat the following steps for all three files
in the .zip-file:

Step 1:
Expand the .zip-file to a Temp-folder.

Step 2:
Login on the AssureSign homepage and go to the Document Templates-section. Select the New-tab and check Import Template form a Template Export File. Then, click on the [Next]-button.

Figure 1: Import template form a template export file

Step 3:
Select the file mscrmAddons_1Signer.documentTemplate from the temp-folder and click on the [Next]-button.     

Figure 2: Select template export file

Step 4:
Please note:
Do not change the template name as suggested, because DocumentsCorePack is searching for this template name only!

Figure 3: Set template name 

Now click on the [Next]-button in order to proceed. 

Step 5:

Please note:

Do not change the values in the next field, because DocumentsCorePack is searching for them in the template!

Figure 4: Define signatures 

Instead, click on the [Next]-button and accept point 2 – 5. In the last step hit the [Finish]-button.

Congratulation! You have just imported your first AssureSign-Template! Smile 

Find out how to create DocumentsCorePack Templates for AssureSign here.

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