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Perform a config change of RecordCounter for MS CRM 2011

The current version of RecordCounter for MS CRM 2011 contains performance updates. These updates will take effect, once the following changes have been made to the config.

This article describes how to do this.

After the upgrade process of RecordCounter has finished, please start the RecordCounterServer Config and connect to your organization.

Figure 1: Record Counter Configuration

When the config tool has finished loading, check or uncheck any checkbox of the tree view.
We suggest to take some of the second level ones because they have less impact.

In the below example, we have checked Cases in the entity Contact:

Figure 2: RecordCounter Server Config 

The reason for this is that the Config should notice that there was a change. After a click on the [OK]-button, it will generate the fetches with the new logic again.

Now you only need to restore the old state. After the configuration has closed, start it once more. Now check or uncheck the same entity as before again. After a click on the [OK]-button, you will have the old state with the new fetches.

Please note: If your changes do not take any effect after the configuration has been closed, please restart the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sandbox Processing Service on the CRM server.

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