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PowerSearch for Dynamics 365 – FIPS support

This blog article describes how to make for PowerSearch for Dynamics 365 FIPS compliant.

This article is ONLY relevant for you if FIPS compliance is enabled on your Dynamics 365 server OR you plan to enable it in the future.

Minimal PowerSearch version: 2017.12.1

It is recommended to create a backup of your existing PowerSearch configurations first. More information about how to export/import PowerSearch configuration records can be found here

Then open Dynamics 365 Settings, navigate to the MSCRM-ADDONS-area and open Products. Select PowerSearch and add a new settings key to its settings subgrid by hitting the [+]-button on the right side and enter: 

Name: PSFipsCompliance
KeyValue: true


The sample message below tells that 4 configs will not work if FIPS is enabled on the server. Hit the [OK]-button. 
4 PowerSearch Config message


If everything was successful you will see the following notification: 
Success notification Figure 4: Success notification


But if FIPS is already enabled on your server, it is not possible to convert the values directly. In this case, the following dialog will pop up: 
Message if FIPS is enabledFigure 5: Message if FIPS is enabled

It asks for permission to regenerate the config records instead of converting them. This is similar to a change of the InputFetchXML in the PowerSearch config. Afterward custom labels, orders, default values and so on will be reset. Hit the [OK]-button in order to start.

 If you now see the following notification, the process was successful. 
Success notification Figure 6: Success notification

Finally please install the FIPS compliance license key which you get from our Support team ( 


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