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How to embed PowerSearch in CRM SiteMap

PowerSearch can be embedded anywhere into CRM SiteMap. For example, this can be done by using the XrmToolBox. For free download, please click here.

How to embed PowerSearch in the CRM navigation bar

Extract the XrmToolBox .zip file and run XrmToolBox.exe.

Figure 1: Run XrmToolBox.exe

In the next window, select the SiteMap Editor from the list. 

Figure 2: Select SiteMap Editor

Click on the [Yes]-button when the following question box appears:

Figure 3: Question box

The connection should be displayed in the next window. If there is no connection displayed, please click on the [New connection]-button.

Figure 4: Connection dialog

In the so opened Connection dialog, insert the required information to build up a connection to your CRM system, click on the [Get Orgs.]-button in order to retrieve all available organizations and select your preferred organization. Press the [OK]-button to proceed.

Figure 5: Connection dialog

As soon as the connection is established, the XrmToolBox appears. Click on the [Load SiteMap]-button.

Figure 6: Click on the [Load SiteMap]-button. 

Please select an area where you want PowerSearch to be displayed in the future and press Add SubArea:

Figure 7: Add SubArea

Your tree-view should look like the one below. You can select any SiteMap Area you want. For our example, we decided to add PowerSearch to Group (My Work).

Figure 8: tree-view example 

Please set the following properties for Icon and Url at the right side:
· Icon: $webresource:ptm_PowerSearch/img/primeIcon32x32.png
· Url:

Figure 9: Set properties

With a right click on the SubArea that you have created earlier, you open a new window. Click on Add Titles.

Figure 10: Add titles to SubArea

In the now following window, please enter the appropriate LCID *
(e.g. 1033 for English or 1031 for German) and Title * (e.g. PowerSearch) and
click on the [Save]-button. Upload your SiteMap with a click on the [Upload SiteMap]-button.

Now save your SiteMap configuration, close the window and return to your CRM.

Press F5 in order to refresh the page. Your CRM could (depending on your settings) look like this now: 

Figure 11: Configurated SiteMap

Click on PowerSearch in order to open PowerSearch. If your CRM does not look properly, please simply restart your browser session. Should the error persist, please send a description/screenshot of the error to

That’s it! 
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