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[Print in Word]-button

The features of the DocumentsCorePack [Print in Word]-button increase the performance and also the usability of our product.

The features allow you to select templates directly with the [Print in Word]-button.

To take adavantage of this feature you need at least the following version:

- DocumentsCorePack Server Version 5.25

- DocumentsCorePack Client Version 5.57

Figure 1: [Print in Word]-button


Please note: If you want to use these features it is VERY IMPORTANT that all users work at least with Client version 5.57, otherwise they will not be able to take advantage of the new features.

Please find all DocumentsCorePack versions in our Download Section


Enable Template selection from ribbon/Use hierarchical menus

Once the Enable Template selection from ribbon and Use hierarchical menus-features are set, they split the [Print in Word]-button.

Figure 1: DocumentsCorePack Server Config

The top of the button starts the merge as usual. The template section must be operated with the [Open Template]-button.

Figure 2: [Print in Word]-button (top of the button)

The lower part of the button will drop down a list with all available templates for this entity.

Figure 3:Print in Word-button (lower part of the button)

If you have only checked the Enable Template selection from ribbon-option in the DocumentsCorePack Server Config, 
the drop down list shows all available templates (even if the templates are stored in different groups).

Figure 4: Enable Template selection from ribbon

If the Use hierachical menus has been configured as well, the template-groups are displayed hierachically.
The templates that are stored in the General-group will be displayed on top of the list.

Figure 5: Use hierachical menus

Adv. Ribbon

This configuration allows you configure different names in different languages for the [Print in Word]-button.
Furthermore, you are enabled to define specific icons for the buttons in CRM.

Figure 6: Ribbon ressources-editor

With the editor, different labels for the different locations (Grid, Form,...) can be set in different languages.

The Icons-tab of the editor enables you to change the the icons of the buttons. The icons are a CRM webresource you can upload by yourself using the standard CRM functionality.

Figure 7: Edit ribbon resources 

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