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Telephone Integration Client Unattended Setup


The following article outlines, how TelephoneIntegration Client is installed unattended. This enables installing the CTI client via policy or automatic install scripts.


This procedure basically requires four steps. Please follow each of them carefully!

1) Download necessary files

  • TelephoneIntegration client Versions 5.46 and above: available in the Download area on

  • Batch/Reg-Files: attached to this article


2) Configure tiuai.reg- file:

This file contains the whole registry-setting of TelephoneIntegration Client.

Please note: you need to replace the placeholder values/dummy values of the registry file with your real values.

3) Modify the invoke_uai.bat - file:

Basically, it consists of two path-parameters:
  1. Path of the Telephone Integration-client installation package
  2. Path of the tiuaix(64/86).reg file
Example:"C:\tmp\UAI\Telephone Integration Client for MS CRM 2011.exe" /V"/qb /lvx* C:\instlog.txt UAIREGFILE=C:\tmp\UAI\tiuaix64.reg"

Please note: These paths must not include any kind of blanks in the values.

4) Run the batch-file:
Run the modified.bat file to start the installation routine.

Possible errors are logged in C:\instlog.txt, process information is written to your temp folder and to the installation directory of Telephone Integration Client.
Please send these files and, if possible, a screenshot of the error message to in case of troubles. 
To uninstall, you may try the follwoing command:

wmic product where "name = 'Telephone Integration Client for MS CRM'" call uninstall /nointeractive (3.40 kb)

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