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DTMF (DualToneMultifrequency) improved input procedure directly from your TelephoneIntegration Client balloon

This blog article outlines how to send dtmf signals directly from the TelephoneIntegration (TI) balloon, so you no longer need to do that with your telephone handset. This feature is available in version 5.56 or higher.

Examples of using dtmf functionality:

  • authentication by conference calls
  • interacting with IVR systems

That means, when you call e.g. a support telephone number, or you would like to start a conference call, you may have to enter an access password or some digital numbers. With the dtmf function, you don't need to use your telephone handset to enter your access password, but to select it direclty via the dtmf function in TelephoneIntegration.

In our example we want to call the MsCRM CallCenter (%20386 41 967 600) and discuss some license issues:

1. Call the phone number you have selected via TAPI.

Figure 1: Tapi Call

2. After dialing, you get the phone connection with the called party (in this case with mscrm call center). With the new feature, we are able to select the dtmf directly from TI. 

Figure 2: Phone connection established

3. Now we have to select our option:

  • 1 for technical questions
  • 2 for license questions 
  • 3 for sales.

In our case, we choose option 2: After pressing the dtmf button in the right upper corner, we should get connected to the agent in the license departement.

Figure 3: Select an option with dtmf

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