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Template Explorer (Dynamics 365)

The DocumentsCorePack Template Explorer is a feature that allows you to easier navigate through your templates while designing and maintaining them. The Template Explorer displays all DocumentsCorePack pack fields in a schematic tree view. This Feature is available in Version 9.37 and higher. 


    Figure 1: Template Explorer open on a sample template

The Template Explorer only works on DocumentsCorePack Templates. For merged documents or non DCP templates you will not be able to open the Template Explorer.
You can enable or disable the Template Explorer with the new ribbon button "Template Explorer"   (Figure 2). 

After enabling the Template Explorer a new task pane will appear on the left of your document. The Template Explorer will list all fields that are used in your document in a tree view.

Nested elements or tables will be displayed as sub-nodes of the tree view. An additional context menu allows you to directly interact with the field (Figure 4) and by hovering over the element a tooltip shows information about the field (Figure 4).

    Figure 4: Context menu on the element (left) and tooltipinformation (right)

The context menu allows to directly open field properties, delete a field or context-specific actions like opening subtemplate.

At the bottom of the tree view you have 3 options additional options.  

     Analyze the Template
    This action tries to analyze the template for know issues like unused relationships or invalid table layouts.
    This operation is now performed before each 'save process'. It can be disabled in the Template Explorer Settings. Details ob this feature can be found here

    DocumentsCorePack Settings
    This button opens the standard DocumentsCorePack template settings. 

     Template Explorer Settings 
    The template explorer settings allow you to change single settings of ​this feature. More details can be found here.

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