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The "Insert as Picture-Field"-button (Dynamics 365)

This article describes how to use the “Insert as Picture-Field”-functionality within the “Insert”-button in Open Office XML templates (.docx). 

Basically, you have two options. The functionality allows you to: 

A) insert a picture that has been saved in your Dynamics 365 system or
B) a path to a file share. 

Click here to read more about the functionalities of the “Insert”-button.


Before you insert a picture field, you have to make sure that the conditions for being able to do so, are fulfilled. One of them is
that you have to save a picture or a path to a file share in your Dynamics 365-system before you proceed.   

 a) How to save a picture in your Dynamics 365-system

Open a random Microsoft Dynamics Dynamics 365 account and click on the section you would like to add an attachment.

In our example, we have attached a picture as a note, but you could as well upload and save your picture elsewhere in your account. 
The below screenshot shows a correctly saved picture as a note.  

Figure 1: Attach picture as note

b) How to create a path to a fileshare in your Dynamics 365-system

Simply type in the path to the FileShare in any Dynamics 365 field. In our example we have saved the path to the file share in the “Description”-field. Do not forget to save your input! 



Figure 2: Create a path to a fileshare



Please note: Because there are two ways to save the picture, there are also two different ways to proceed. 


OPTION A) If you have previously saved a picture as a note, please follow the next steps:

Open a random Word document, go to the []-tab (1) and click on [Insert Mail Merge Fields] (2) in order to open the DocumentsCorePack Template Designer. Now open the [Additional]-tab (3) in the Template Designer and
click on [Add Relationship/Entity] (4). 

Figure 3: Open the additional tab in the Template Designer and proceed


The following window appears. Open the drop down menu (1) and select [Account -> Note [objectId]]. If you have saved your picture somewhere else, 
please use the corresponding term. You will notice that the attributes (corresponding to the previously selected relationship are now displayed in the
[Attributes]-section (2).
Because we have created a note for our example, we check the checkbox next to [Note] (3). Depending on the location in which you have previously
stored your picture, you could use any other display name. Click on [OK] in order to proceed.  

Figure 4: Configure Fields and Datasource dialog

The below screenshot shows the Template Designer including the previously created note.  

Figure 5: DCP Template Designer with note


That's it for now. Because the insert picture step is the same for both options, we will now proceed with a brief introduction on how to proceed with DocumentsCorePack/fileshare. 

OPTION B) If you have previously saved a path to a FileShare, please follow the next steps:

Open the DocumentsCorePack Template Designer Standard Tab (1) and look for the location in which you have previously saved the FileShare path. In our example, we use 
[Account] (2). The tree-view should be visible from the moment you open the Standard-Tab.
If you do not find your field immediately, use the scroll bar (3) to look for the corresponding fields or search for it in the search field (4). When you have found your field, simply click on it
and it will be highlighted in blue. (5) In our example, we clicked on [Description], because we have previously saved our file there.  

Figure 6: Insert description field



After adding your picture as an attachment (A) or as a FieShare path (B) successfully, you can proceed for both options in the same way.

To do so, simply click on the arrow on the [Insert field]-button in the Template Designer in order to open the drop down menu.  
If you want to insert the note, the drop-down menu will look like in Figure 7. 

Figure 7: Insert Note as Picture field


If you want to insert the description, the drop-down menu will look like in Figure 8.  

Figure 8: Insert Description as Picture field


Once you have clicked on the corresponding option, a placeholder (1) appears in your document. 

Figure 9: Placeholder picture


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