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The "Insert as Picture-Link-Field"-button in Open Office XML template (.docx)

This article outlines how to use the “Insert as Picture-Link-Field”-button within the “Insert”-button in Open Office XML template (.docx). This feature allows you to insert a picture directly from a web link which is stored in any CRM-field.

Requirments: DocumentsCorePack v5.97 and higher


Figure 1: merged template. DocumentsCorePack resolved the URL to your picture and inserted it into the document.

Click here to read more about the functionalities of the “Insert”-button.

HOW TO: insert a Picture-Link-Field to your record, step-by-step description

To use this functionality, open an entity in CRM. You can open any entity you prefere. In our example its “Account”. We prepared our CRM-entry and inserted the picture link in the website-field. See screenshot below:


Figure 2: Inserted picture link in the website-field.

1 Step: Select a Field
Please open a template or create a new one with a click on the ""-tab, select “Insert MailMerge Fields”  and answer the question with yes to get to the “DocumentsCorePack – Task Pane”. 

Figure 3: Open the DCP TaskPane

Next select the type and the field to be inserted. In our case we selected “Account” (select type) and the CRM-field “Website”. Click once on its name so that it’s highlighted in blue. 

2 Step: Insert Option
Now click on the arrow next to the [Insert]-button. In our case we insert the field “Website” as Picture-Link-Field. 

Figure 4: [Insert]-button drop down arrow  

Figure 5: Insert as Picture-Link-Field

Once clicked, a placeholder-picture appears in your document. See next screenshot:

Figure 6: Placeholder picture to be inserted before the merge.

Please note: With the latest version on DocumentsCorePack for Dynamics 365 it is also possible to define a link to make the picture clickable in the result.
Details about how to set this up can be found here.

3 Step: The Result
As you can see in the screenshot below, if you merge this template, DocumentsCorePack resolved the URL to your picture and inserted it into the document.

Figure 7: The result

For detailed product information, please visit our product page.

For more information about how to include pictures in templates, please click here and watch our product video.

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