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Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Online Version & higher

 If your Dynamics 365 Online will be upgraded to the version, you will have to switch to the latest versions of ActivityTools, AttachmentExtractor, PowerSearch and SmartBar. 

After the upgrade, you will face the problem, that ActivityTools, AttachmentExtractor, PowerSearch and SmartBar are no longer loading, nothing is displayed and the license indicator remains blank. 

To avoid this problem, please upgrade our solutions to the versions below. More details about how to find the version number for each mscrm-addons products can be found here.  

  • ActivityTools: version 2017.21
  • AttachmentExtractor:
    General version to 2018.37
    AttachmentExtractorCore Version to 2017.13 - Download here
    Please notice: If it still does not work - Disable all plugins starting with PTM.AE.Storage. 
  • PowerSearch: version 2017.14
  • SmartBar: version 2017.8

All versions can be found in our Download Center.

Please note that the zip files contain an installer executable and a subfolder containing the solutions only. If you do not have a local Installation, please update the solutions in your Dynamics 365 manually. You only need to update the solutions, that are already present in your system.

The general solution only needs to be updated once per organization.

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