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How to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

This article provides step-by-step instructions regarding to the upgrade of our addons to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

Our addons provide a wide range of helpful features! But before you will be able to enjoy the various benefits of or addons for MS CRM 2016 there is some work (at least let us call it like that) waiting for you:

The upgrade.

Do you know Murphy’s 4th Law of Computing? You do, don’t you? No?*

Anyway, we are not here to make jokes (seriously!), but to make sure that your product works impeccably. Having that in mind, let us start:

There are three possible scenarios from which you could start your upgrade.

1) The ideal case

You are the delighted owner of one of the following addon versions:

DocumentsCorePack (DCP) Client > 7.103 
TelephoneIntegration Client > 7.100
DocumentsCorePack (DCP) Server > 2015.109  
TelephoneIntegration Server > 2015.100
AttachmentExtractor, SmartBar Server, ActivityTools > 2015.200

In this case, an upgrade from MS CRM 2015 to 2016 is possible without extra work.

2) The semi-ideal case:

Your current version is none of the versions mentioned before, but you have not tried to upgrade your CRM to the 2016 version yet. No problem – simply upgrade to one of the versions mentioned above and then upgrade to MS CRM 2016.

3) The – well, we are going to work it out together – case:

Your addon's version is none of the versions mentioned before, but you have already upgraded your MS CRM to the 2016 version. If so, simply upgrade to one of the versions mentioned in the first case.
Probably you will stumble over the following failure notice:

Figure 1: Upgrade failure notice

Yes. We know. You also wanted to be one of the ideal case–users. But imagine – in that case you would not be able to read that wonderful blog and I wouldn’t have a job. So let’s focus on the positive aspects.

What is more: We have the perfect solution for your issue. Simply click on the [OK]-button, then press the [Cancel]-button and finally, click on the [Yes]-button (the short version of "Did you turn it on and off again?" ;) ).

Figure 2: Cancel setup 

After a few seconds, a new CRM connection setup-dialog appears. For further information on the CRM connection dialog, please have a look at our documentation of the same name. 

Figure 3: CRM Connection setup dialog

Select your preferred organization and click on the [OK]-button. Follow the upgrade instructions as usual…

Figure 4: Upgrade (example addon: TelephoneIntegration Server)

… and the upgrade will work out perfectly!

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to

* Murphy’s 4th Law of Computing: When the going gets tough, upgrade.

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