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What’s all the fuss about Dynamics 365?

Since CRMUG Summit in Tampa, we all know what has been suspected for a long time: Dynamics 365 is coming and nobody is going to stop it.

But what’s it all about? Do we really have to be so excited?

First, Dynamics 365 is purpose built (But is it really?)

The Enterprise Edition combines the applications that were known as Microsoft Dynamics until now under the patronage of one item: Dynamics 365. The components of Dynamics 365 can be seamlessly integrated one after another or all at once. (Our solutions apply to the underlined apps):

Field Service
Customer Service
Project Services Automation

Operations (Cross-plant cost accounting, Storage, Disposition, Production…)

So you see: it’s absolutely flexible, because you can use the component you need and do not have to buy it all at once.
Basically it’s a system that grows with your needs: the bigger your start-up grows, the more demands have to be met by your CRM. That’s exactly what Dynamics 365 does.

Second, Dynamics 365 is highly adaptable (Can you believe that?)

With MS PowerApps and MS Flow, Microsoft provides the foundation stone for applications that can access all Dynamics 365 data and additional data sources.
There are already a few PowerApps, but the creation of new PowerApps is more than easy.

But there’s even more:
Dynamics 365 is built on the Common Data Model – a mix between Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

Third, it is intelligent and thus, enhances productivity (Are you kidding me?!)

To be frank, if we wouldn’t have heard it at CRMUG Summit in Tampa, we wouldn’t believe it either, but Dynamics 365 bases on AI. Supported by Power BI and Cortana Intelligence, predictive business analytics and prescriptive business analytics are standard, while AzureIoT allows the integration of machine data.

This behavior supports the productivity of teams and business processes – no matter which device or platform you use.

"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE VALUABLE MSCRM-ADDONS?" (You might ask that in a shaky voice, hoping the best but expecting the worst)

Easy, man. 

Our addons are still the perfect expansion for the following components of Dynamics 365:
Sales, Field Service, Customer Service and Project Services Automation. Plus: they are still solutions of captivating simplicity.

Standing customers of our addons already know, that our solutions grow with our customers' needs and wishes. 
Next to our packages (from Extra small for Start-ups to our Enterprise solution), we offer full support (also for trial versions).

So thanks to Microsoft innovative ideas, everything gets way easier for us and our customers. That's why we are loving it!  

It is even way easier to install a trial or full version of our addons now”  

Below, you'll find an overview of our products with a short description and a link. Follow the link to receive your personal trial version of your favourite add-on. 
(Or try them all... it's absolutely FREE! PLUS: There is no obligation to buy our add-ons if you are not satisified! AND: We offer FULL support for all our products!) 

DocumentsCorePack - professional document generation and management in Dynamics 365
TelephoneIntegration - connect your phonesystem with Dynamics 365!
AttachmentExtractor - move attachments save & sound from Dynamics 365 to MS SharePoint and save money! 
GroupCalendar - advanced scheduling for teams & resources in Dynamics 365
ActivityTools - add some Outlook feelin' to Dynamics 365 and handle activities with style! 
PowerSearch - combine the benefits of Standard Search & Advanced Find! 
SmartBar - experience navigation between records on a new, fast level!​

All in all, we think it’s time to be excited and amazed about the new possibilities Dynamics 365 offers. Frankly, we cannot even seize them all at the moment, but we yet know that Dynamics 365 is more than a CRM application. It defines the future of customer service. Well done, Microsoft! 

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