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Add a Hyperlink to an existing "Picture-Link-Field"

This article outlines how to add a hyperlink to a insert "Picture-Link-Field”. The result after the merge will be a clickable image in your generated document.
How to insert a Picture-Link-Field is described in here “Insert”-button

Image Layout Settings

Figure 1: Example of a clickable link in Word

​1. Open the properties of an inserted picture link field
Select any picture-link field (1) and hit the "Field properties" button in the ribbon (2). A new window with and additional option so setup a link will be opened (3)

Image Layout Settings

Figure 2; Inserted picture link field​ and new edit option

2. Define a link 
Based on the DocumentsCorePack Property Syntax you can setup a link (1)  and apply your changes with a click on OK (2)
Image Layout Settings Figure 3: Example of setup link pattern

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