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How to change Culture-Info in GroupCalendar

If you want to change the date format of GroupCalendar, you only have to change the Culture-Info.

The Culture-Info represents information about a specific culture including the names of the culture, the writing system, and the calendar used, as well as access to culture-specific objects that provide information for common operations, such as formatting dates and sorting strings.

To change the Culture-Info in GroupCalendar, navigate to the localization folder in the GroupCalendar installation path:

For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\PTM EDV-Systeme GmbH\GroupCalendar for MS CRM 2011\localization

Next, open the XML-Document which concerns your language settings (for example en.xml for english).

Replace the value of the culture key with the desired Culture-Info. (for example, en-US could be replaced with en-GB).

For more Information about CultureInfo-Class please read this article.

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