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Default Sort Order for ActivityTools

When set up by default configuration, ActivityTools sorts activities in a specific order. This article outlines how this default order works. 

Minimum requirement: ActivityTools for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

The default sort order follows the below rules:

First, it differentiates between two main categories: Activities and Emails.
Then, it searches the data fields and checks if a field has a value.
If a field has a value, this value serves as the base for the sort sequence. 

Emails are sorted according to the following values:

Activities are sorted according to the following values:

In the General Settings of ActivityTools, you can define 1 field that will be used for sorting. 
Once set, the results will always be sorted after this particular field. 
For further information, please have a look at our ActivityTools documentation (chapter “5.2 The General Settings-Tab”).

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