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What to do if no toolbar is visible in Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and/or 2016?

After WordMailMerge has been installed on your computer, it is possible that our toolbar does not appear in Microsoft Word. For newer versions of Microsoft Word, please have a look at this blog article

To sort this problem out, please follow the steps of this article.

Please note:
Although the below example displays Word 2007 only, the steps are similar for all other Word versions. ​

Microsoft Word 2007:

First you have to open the Word-Options.

Figure 1: Open the Word-Options


Then you have to click on the Add-ins-tab. Here, you get an overview on all the active add-ins and all the inactive add-ins.

Figure 2: Add-in overview in MS Word


Open the Manage drop-down menu and select disabled items

Figure 3: Manage drop-down menu - Disabled Items


In the window that opens now, you would see the disabled items, if there were any.  

Figure 4: Disabled Items

If there are no deactivated elements, open the Templates and Word-Add-Ins.

Here you have to select and save the changes with a click on the [OK]-button.

Figure 5: Templates and Add-ins window

When you start Microsoft Office Word 2007 the next time, the toolbar will appear.

Figure 6: toolbar


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