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GroupCalendar with revised user interface

This article outlines the revised user interface of the GroupCalendar within version 5.45 and higher (click here to download the latest GroupCalendar version).

The user interface was renewed in the course of working on the GroupCalendar’s compatibility with RU12 and cross-browser. There are two slight changes in the user interface which are listed and described below:

Menu of GroupCalendar views with new design
The menu of the GroupCalendar-views appears since version 5.45 with a new design and a shlightly changed structure. The main views (List-, Overview-, Gantt- and TopDown-view) now appear one below another in the drop-down boxes from the month-, week- and day-view. The drop down boxes can be easily opened by clicking on the month-, week- or day-view-button. As known from previous versions, the single views within the drop down boxes can be selected by clicking on them.

Figure 1: Menu of GroupCalendar-views with new design

Renewed GroupCalendar view settings-menu
Furthermore, there have been some slight changes in the GroupCalendar view settings-menu on the right. First of all, it is important to know that per default, the menu is not visible. To display the menu you have the following options:

  • Option 1: Click somewhere on the grey bar on the right (1). After that, the menu will open. It will disappear again in case you leave the menu with your cursor. If you would like to fix the menu, you have to click on the small [Pin/Un-Pin]-button at the top of the menu. If you fixed the menu and would like to hide it again, click on the [Pin/Un-Pin]-button once again.
  • Option 2: Click on the small arrow in the grey bar on the right (2). After that, the menu will appear and stay. If you would like to hide it, click on the [Pin/Un-Pin]-button.

Figure 2: Options to display the GroupCalendar view settings-menu

Figure 3: Pin/unpin displayed in the view settings-menu

Additionally, the option to create a new activity from within the GroupCalendar is placed directly within this view settings menu-pane up from this version. Until now, the [New Activity]-button was placed on the top of the GroupCalendar next to the GroupCalendar views. Now, as already mentioned, it can be found within the menu on the right side.

Figure 4: Create new activities within menu on the right

When you click on this button, a drop down menu will open. From this menu, you can select the activity to be created. After that, a standard CRM activity-form will open and you will be able to schedule your activity.

Figure 5: Select an activity to be created from the drop down menu

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