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How do I add notes & attachments via drag & drop to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)?

This article outlines how to use the free MSCRM-ADDONS feature which allows you to add notes & attachments via drag & drop to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). 

Requirements: ActivityToolsPluginExtension Solution (learn more about the solution and how to install it here)

YOUR HUGE ADVANTAGE: Save time by editing & adding attachments & notes quick and easy to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

As soon as the ActivityToolsPluginExtension solution is installed, you can already benefit from our marvellous feature. 

Figure 1: ActivityToolsPluginExtension added

From now on, you can rely on the following functionalities, which guarantee a smooth Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) user experience:

- Native drag & drop functionality for attachments
- Simplified access to attachments via links
- Bulk delete of notes and attachments is possible
- Simply click on file name in order to download it 

How to add attachments and notes quick and easy

There are two ways to add notes and attachments:

- via drag and drop from a fileshare 
- with a click on the [Files]-button ❶

Figure 2: Edit notes and attachments

The feature provides you with the following information regarding attachments :
- the filename
- the size

If you want to edit more than one attachment at a time, simply check the box next to the attachment(s) .
In case you must delete an attachment, simply check the box and click on the [Garbage bin]-button .

Figure 3: Attachment saved as note

Once you have saved an attachment, you will notice that it has been saved as a note.

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