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How do I configure navigation buttons to system views with SmartBar?

With version 2016.112 we introduce some major features for SmartBar, which allow an easier handling of multiple views and a smoother handling of count/color based buttons. For further information on how to add a range to color-coded buttons, have a look at this article


Add Multiple Views button

With version 2016.112 or higher, it is possible to move the same entity button more than once to the 'current on site'-section in the SmartBar settings. This allows you to rename the button and to add a specific view to it. This makes it possible for you to, e.g. create an "Activities - ALL"-button next to an "Activites - Closed"-button. 


To add a specific view to your button, you can simply edit an Entity Button (with a click on the [Gear icon]-button) and select a view from the Specific View-field, as highlighted on the below screenshot. This feature is available on both - metro and standard styling. 


This example will result in a button that only counts and shows your Closed Activities.

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