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How to merge a document

This article outlines how to merge and process a document using the DocumentsCorePack addon. In general, you have two possibilities for merging a document:

  • trigger the mailmerge process from within MS Word
  • trigger the mailmerge process from within CRM

A list of document-processing steps offered by DocumentsCorePack and feasible with one single click can be found at the end of this article.

Please note: Before you can start a mailmerge process and generate a document, you must have a template.
To do so, you may either create and save a template on your own or you may use one of our default templates as well. Now you are able to start a mailmerge process either from within MS Word or from within CRM.

For information on how to create templates please have a look at our user guide and at our general DocumentsCorePack 2011.

Option 1: start a mailmerge process from within MS Word

To start a mailmerge process from within MS Word, open a template by clicking on the [Open Template]-button (1) in the ribbon on top. After the template has opened, click on the [Choose CRM Data]-button in the ribbon (2). 

Figure 1: Open template and select CRM data to generate a document

A lookup-window will open. Within this window, search for/select the account/data to be added (1 and 2). 

Figure 2: Look for CRM record needed for the mailmerge process

Look for the needed CRM record from the search result (1) and click on the [Select]-button to trigger the mailmerge process (2). After the mailmerge process, the merged and completed document will open in MS Word.

Figure 3: select CRM record and trigger mailmerge process

Option 2: start a mailmerge process from within CRM

To start a mailmerge process from within CRM, open the CRM record of which you need the data to be inserted into the document.
Within the opened record click on the [Generate Document]-button in the ribbon on the top (1) 
Please note: This button was previously known as [Print in Word]-button or may be known under another name as this is configurable by the administrator in the server-settings of DocumentsCorePack.

Anyway, a drop-down-menu will open. Select the appropriate template from this menu (2). After that, the mailmerge process is triggered and the merged document including the data of the CRM record will open in MS Word in the background. To view and process the document, click on the [Word]-button in the taskbar.

Figure 4: Trigger mailmerge process from within CRM with [Generate Document]-button

After the mailmerge process, the document including the data from the CRM record is available for further processing. 

Figure 5: Merged document

Document-processing steps:
The following document-processing steps are feasible by just one single click:

  • Create CRM Activity: creates a letter-, fax- or email-activity with the generated document as attachment
  • Send as PDF, XPS, DOC, DOCX, ODT: creates an email-activity and attaches the generated document as PDF, XPS, DOC, DOCX or ODT
  • Save as DOCX: saves the generated document as PDF, XPS, DOC, DOCX, ODT, etc. to the appropriate location in CRM, fileshare or SharePoint (depending on how the save-location is configured server-sided)

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