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How to merge a Document and send it to AssureSign (for 1 to 3 Signers)

Please note: The following blogpost is seperated into two parts. 

The first part shows how to merge a document and send it to AssureSign.
The second part shows how you or your customers can sign a document right within AssureSign.

Part I: How to merge a document and send it to AssureSign?

Step 1:
Open an entity in CRM, for example Account and press Create Document.

Figure 1: Create document

Step 2:
Select the corresponding template (for 1 Signer ASSignature1, for 2 Signers
ASSignature2 etc.) and click on the [Next]-button:

Figure 2: Select template

Step 3:
If you would like to change the email-recipient(s) you can do so in the window that appears now. If not, proceed with a click on the [Next]-button:

Figure 3: Change email recipient if necessary

Step 4:
The document has been merged now. If you want to check it, before it is sent to AssureSign, you can do this here with a click on the [Preview]-button.
However, click on the [Finish]-button to send the document to AssureSign.  

Figure 4: Check the template before you send it 

Part II: How to sign a document right within AssureSign.

Whenever a document has to be signed, AssureSign sends you an email with a link. To sign a certain document, open the link and follow the below steps.   

Step A: 
Login to your AssureSign Account, continue and agree to the terms and conditions:

Figure 5: AssureSign after Login

Step B:
Fill out every field at the right side.

Figure 6: Fill out the contract fields 

Step C:
At the left side, sign with an input device. Click on the [Continue]-button in order to finish the signing process.

Figure 7: Sign in AssureSign 

Step D:
You will receive a conformation eMail.

Figure 8: Sign in AssureSign - details

In case there is more than one signer, the second signer gets an eMail with a link that asks him to sign the document as soon as the first signer has signed the document.

Basically, the same steps have to be done, apart from that the document has already been signed once. 

Figure 9: Sign document a second time

Simply repeat Step B & C. Of course you will also receive a conformation email (as described in Step D). A possible result could look like this screenshot:   

Figure 10: Possible result 

Well done! You are ready to sign documents electronically – congratulations!

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