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How To: Set up the DocumentsCorePack custom connector for PowerApps & Microsoft Flow)

In this article we will show you how to create a DocumentsCorePack custom connector for PowerAutomate enabling users to utilize  the document generation and processing capabilities within their Flows and Canvas Apps. More information about how to activate the DCP connector can be found in the corresponding blog article

IMPORTANT: As of 1st March 2020 the connector is in BETA and will change over the course of the months until the connector is officially released (target: April 2020). It is NOT recommended to use the connector in production-flows as functionality could breaks as we perform updates to the API. 


  • Your DocumentsCorePack service must be hosted on (Open Service Configuration)
  • Your DocumentsCorePack service must use Server2Server authentication

Step-by-Step video

Step-by-Step guide:

  1. Visit and save the swagger.json file locally.
  2. Go to  or, choose the environment you want to add the connector too and and click on [Data->CustomConnector->OpenAPI-File import]
  3.  Select the file saved in step #1 and follow the instructions. You can optionally change the icon/color and name of the connector as desired. Once done, click on [Create Connector]
  4. Visit the service configuration on, select the service and click on [get API key]
  5. When asked, enter the API key to define the connection for your DocumentsCorePack Connector.

You are now all set. 

Note: You can easily test the connection. Therefore you click on the edit button on the custom connector and go to step 4 [Test]. After selecting or creating a new connection you can use the [Test operation] for the [Ping] method. If successfull you will see a "Message": "[Date] [Time]succesfully connected to [orgname] as [username]" DocumentsService is alive" message in the response area. 

That’s it. You are now ready to use the connector. 

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