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Licensing Guide for Microsoft Dynamics 365

This blog article is intended to guide you through the usage of the License Manager for Dynamics 365. The License Manager allows you to manage your existing licenses and is part of the MSCRM-ADDONS installation.

There are two ways to get the License information:

1) The Web License Manager
    The web license manager has been designed to facilitate the installation of license keys within Dynamics 365.

2) The Local License Manager
   The local license manager is accessible as a standalone application or from the main configuration tool of the

1. The Web License Manager

Open your Dynamics 365 Settings, navigate to MSCRM-ADDONS-section and click on the addon you want to manage the license for e. g. ActivityTools. 


The main configuration window provides you with a few tabs that allow you to configure your addon in general, in this example ActivityTools. Please navigate to the Licensing-tab (highlighted in yellow below). 




Anyway, after the starting process, the window (see screenshot below) pops up: 

Upgrading your license

To update or upgrade your license, you have two options:

1) Purchase a new license or an upgrade license directly in our online shop:


2) Contact our support 



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