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How to add additional entities to AssureSign?

As per default, AssureSign only supports the following entities:

- Account
- Lead
- Contact
- Order
- Contract and
- Opportunity

If you want to use DocumentsCorePack and AssureSign with other entities,
you must add this entity to AssureSign Document. This article provides
a step-by-step description on how to do so.  

Open the Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  

Figure 1: CRM > Solutions

Expand the AssureSign document entity. 

Figure 2: AssureSign document entity

Navigate to gields and click on the [New]-button to add a new field.
The easiest configuration is to configure the Lookup Field so the name
is entered with the

new_ namespace prefix followed by id, for example: new_[entityname]id.

If you wanted to a built in or custom CRM entities, you would use

the actual name, and not what is displayed in the Primary Entity list.

Step-by-step instruction on how to build in a relationship to Quote:

Step 1: Open the fields as explained before and fill in the below marked
fields according to your needs.

Figure 3: Fill in fields to build a relationship

Display name:
Enter the name of your Entity. For our example we use Quote.
Change it to lower space and don’t forget to add id (here: _quoteid)
Data Type:     
Select Lookup 
Target Record Type:
Select your entity. In our example we use Quote.

Step 2: Press on the [Save and Close]-button. Now, navigate to Forms and double click on AssureSign Document to open the form editor.

Figure 4: Forms

Figure 5: Form editor

Select your new field from the left and add it to your form.

(In this case you see the new Quote-field)

Click on the [Save]-button and close the form-Editor, then publish your changes by pressing on
the [Publish All Customizations]-button.

Now you can use this entity in DocumentsCorePack to generate documents and let them be signed with AssureSign.

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