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OrganizationURL provided by DiscoveryService is false

When using our products, the CRM discovery service is contacted to retrieve the service URLs for accessing the CRM WebServices.

In some cases the URL returned by the discovery service is not usable to contact the CRM WebService. 

If you have physical access to the server, first check the WebAddress setup of CRM:

  1. Go to your CRM server
  2. Open the Deployment Manager (You need to be deployment administrator to be able to do this)
  3. Select the Microsoft CRM Dynamics node in the tree
  4. Bring up the context menu and select properties
  5. Go to the tab WebAddress

Figure 1: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager

For example, if you changed the CRM port on the IIS, it would not automatically change the web-deployment addresses.

If you do not have server access or cannot change the WebAddresses for another reason please follow our advice below.


For CRM 2011 & CRM 2013:

Our software offers a way to bypass the DiscoveryServices organisation URL by enabling the following option:

Switch to the advanced tab on the connection dialog and enable the Override Organization URL option. 

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