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Predictive dialer: How to reschedule of a phone call

This blog article describes how to reschedule a phone call when using the predictive dialer of TelephoneIntegration.

After hanging up, the caller has three options to post-process the call. 

  • Mark the call as successful (The call is marked as completed, because the purpose of the campaign call has been fulfilled, e.g. to get a customer’s feedback regarding a specific product.)
  • Mark the call as failed (The call is marked as completed, but the purpose of the campaign call has not been fulfilled, e.g. the customer refused to give a feedback.)
  • Reschedule the call (The call is rescheduled and can be processed again.)

Figure 1: Predictive Dialer post-processing options for calls

When you select the Rescheduling-option, a calendar window pops up. The caller can determine a time and date to process the call again. In the example shown below, the call agent has selected the 31st of December at 11:30 pm. Hence, this campaign phone-call will be available for calling again after the 31st of December 11:30 pm.

Figure 2: Reschedule call with predictive dialer

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