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Recap: eXtremeCRM Warsaw 2016

There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet.

- William Butler Yeats

Figure 1: eXtremeCRM Warsaw

Thank you for joining us at this year’s eXtremeCRM in Warsaw!

It was a pleasure for us to be part of such a great experience and to meet new business partners!

Ancient city meets high tech
We arrived early on Saturday in the marvelous city of Warsaw. That allowed us to do some sightseeing. The ancient city center provides beautiful sceneries,
the people are all totally friendly and the weather during our stay was great!

Figure 2: Warsaw City

Figure 3: Sightseeing Tour

But of course, we hadn't gone so far to do some sightseeing. We had come here to go eXtreme! 

Bootcamp & ISV session 
Being a Silver Sponsor, we had the opportunity to offer a one day bootcamp for our partners and an ISV session.
Both focused on our products and on how to turn value into growth in Microsoft Dynamics CRM...

Figure 4: Bootcamp 

... and we were surprised by the number of high potential partners that had found their way to our sessions! 

Figure 5: ISV-session

We intended to offer interesting content, and in the end obtained some great feedback. 
So many happy faces cannot lie, can they?

Figure 6: Participants of this year's bootcamp

Thank you for participating at our bootcamp & ISV-session!

Booth #5 was THE place to be! 
Our booth was well visited and we had some nice and interesting chats about our products.

Figure 7: Booth #5 - the place to be at eXtremeCRM!

Personalized - Proactive - Predictive 
The highlight of eXtremeCRM in Warsaw was the keynote by Jujhar Singh. It is always amazing to follow his extraordinary speaker, but this time, he presented us with the future of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

He made very clear, that the future of Dynamics CRM lies in the automation of processes and workflows and the seamless integration of other services.

Figure 8: Keynote by Jujhar Singh

End Consumer & Partner Facing, Peer to Peer and Omni-channel support were only a few of the topics that were brought up. Singh gives the future connection between software, customers and partners a totally new dimension with three little keywords:
personalized, proactive and predictive. 

Because automation of processes and workflows is exactly what we want to effect with our addons, we cannot wait to live the predicted future of MS Dynamics CRM.    

All in all, eXtremeCRM 2016 was a great event full of new opportunities. We want to thank the organizers of that outstanding event for their commitment!
And by the way... the Polish cuisine & culture are outstanding! ;)

Figure 9: Outside eXtremeCRM Warsaw

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