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How to dial from a related CRM record

TelephoneIntegration allows users to dial from related CRM-records. This means that they have the possibility to select from a list of records related to the initially opened one when dialing out from CRM (e.g. from related leads, contacts, etc.). The example in the screenshot below shows that the user has the possibility to dial from all records which are related to the account ‘’. Users have a good overview of the related records, as they are structured in main phone, connections, relations and others

Figure 1: dial from related records, example account

This functionality can be very helpful in several situations, e.g. if you would like to call a specific contact who is related to an opened sales opportunity or to an opened case. The big advantage of this new functionality is, that users can avoid time consuming clicking-scenarios as they can directly dial all records related from the currently opened one. Furthermore, the Regarding-field of the CRM-call-activity is automatically pre-filled with the name of the originally opened CRM-record.

To benefit from this functionality, you need at least the following versions:

TelephoneIntegration Server version v5.34

TelephoneIntegration Client version v5.54


How to configure this functionality

To make use of this functionality, you have to define from which entities you would like to dial related records in the TelephoneIntegration server configuration. In our example, we will explain how to activate the functionality for opportunities.

After having opened the configuration, select the entity from which you would like to dial related records and click on the [OK]-button. In our example, we have selected Opportunity.

Figure 2: Select the entities from which you would like to dial related records

Then you have to define the settings for the previously selected entity more specifically. Within the below shown window, you can determine if the selected entity should be searched for incoming calls and if it should be activated for outgoing calls.

Furthermore, you can define the search fields (fields to be searched by TelephoneIntegration), the result fields (all fields to be displayed within the TelephoneIntegration balloon) and the main fields (main fields to be displayed within the ballon).

Depending on the selected entity, you also have to define from which types of the chosen entity you would like to call related records.

In our example, we define that we want to dial related records from open opportunities only, that we would like to display the name of the opportunity as main field in the balloon and to activate opportunities for incoming and outgoing calls.

As soon as you have finished determining these settings, click on the [OK]-button.

Figure 3: Define the settings for the selected entity

After you have adapted the TelephoneIntegration configuration, you will find that a [Click-to-Dial]-button has been placed in the menu of the selected entitiy. (in our example, in the opportunities menu)

Figure 4: Dial from within an opportunity

After clicking on this button, the TelephoneIntegration balloon pops up and displays all records related with the originally opened record that

  1. are part of TelephoneIntegration configuration
  2. that have phone numbers AND
  3. that are configured for dialling out from CRM.

As the opportunity in our example does not have any connections or relations to other records (like in our first example), the balloon only displays the related account.

Figure 5: Balloon displaying all related records

You have the possibility to view all related records and to call each of them by just double-clicking on their phone number. During the call (1), all details of the called record are displayed (call duration, date, name, etc.) including name of the originally opened record from which you started your call (2).

Figure 6: Dialing from related record

Furthermore, a CRM-call-activity and the CRM-window of the called record pop up.

Figure 7: During the call, the CRM-call-activity and the CRM-window of the called record pop up

Besides, the big advantage of this functionality to avoid time consuming clicking-scenarios, there is another big benefit:
The Reagarding-field of the CRM-call-activity is automatically prefilled with the name of the originally opened CRM-record (in our example, it is prefilled with the name of the opportunity, in other cases it may be prefilled with the originally opened account or else) )

If you would like to set restrictions regarding the related records to be displayed, please click here for further details.

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