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How to start a dashboard out of CRM 4.0?

CRM 4.0 offers the possibility to start your dashboard directly out of CRM. There are three options.


1.    Start dashboard as "normal" 
Example: http://crm:5555/DashBoard/Dashboard.aspx?orgname=PTMEDVSystemeGmbH

2.    Start dashboard with a predefined dashboard
(If you do not define the ShowMenu parameter, the default value is false.)

3.    Start dashboard with a predefined dashboard and hide the dashboard menu. If you take this option, the user interface is limited.

How do I find the desired Dashboard ID?

Navigate to SETTINGS, select DASHBOARDS SL and open your desired dashboard.







Figure 1: Settings > Dashboards SL

Copy the market ID from the browser adress bar. 







Figure 2: Copy the market ID

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