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The “Insert Hyperlink”-button in Open Office XML template (.docx)

This article outlines how to use the new [Insert Hyperlink]-button within the “Insert”-button in Open Office XML template (.docx). This feature allows to insert a dynamic hyperlink in your template (.docx) and define an individual display name.

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack (DCP) v.6.15 and higher


Figure 1: Hyperlink with an defined field-name to be displayed in the template

Figure 2: Merged hyperlink with an individual Display Name 

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HOW TO: insert a hyperlink, step-by-step description

1. “Insert Hyperlink”  
In order to insert a hyperlink, open your template or create a new one. Click on “Insert MailMerge Fields” to get to the DocumentsCorePack Task Pane. (See next screenshot) 

Figure 3: DocumentsCorePack Task Pane

Click on the “Insert”-button –> “Computed Items” –> “Insert Hyperlink”.

Figure 4: Insert Hyperlink

Following window appears:

Figure 5: Insert as Hyperlink window


Basic functionality:
Create a dynamic Hyperlink

Basic knowledge: A hyperlink consists of a Link (address to a website) and a Display Name (name to be displayed in the document). With a click on the Display Name, the Link will be activated in the background. To keep track of the hyperlink-elements in a template, users are able to define an individual Name which will be displayed in the template.

2. Structure and functionalities of the “Insert as Hyperlink” window:

Figure 6: Insert as Hyperlink window - general information

3. Define the link and set the individual Display and or Template Name 
With a click on any node (field in the lists) it will be inserted in the textbox below. The Link has to be defined. The Individual Display Name and Template Name are optional settings. The additional format and display functions for field-templates apply to all fields. See example below:

Figure 7: Set the individual template/display name

In the screenshot above shows an individual Display Name e.g. ‘Click here’ and a defined Link. It is crucial that the Link starts with http:\\. In the screenshot above we have added ‘http:\\’+ as the stored CRM link doesn’t contain http:\\. (See screenshot at the end of the document)

4. The Result
The possible result looks like this:

Figure 8: Hyperlink with an defined field-name

Figure 9: Merged hyperlink with an individual Display Name

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