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What to do if the TAPI wrapper is not working properly

CTI 2011 TAPI wrapper needs a TAPI driver that is suitable to your Phone PBX server.

Each PBX phone-system vendor has its own TAPI driver.

Our TAPI wrapper has not an active role on the TAPI lines, it is just a passive listener to random TAPI driver events and eventually, it triggers them in case of outgoing calls, accepting the incoming offers.

To make sure that you have a valid TAPI driver installed, you should be able to use it with windows dialer.exe. If you cannot use dialer.exe over your TAPI line, then CTI 2011 TAPI wrapper will also not be possible.

Go to the start panel and run telephon.cpl. Add your TAPI driver and configure it to your needs.

Now again go to the start panel and run dialer.exe. You should be able to make a successful outgoing call by using your TAPI line.

Call your mobile phone number. If it rings, the TAPI driver is definitely okay.

Now install TelephoneIntegration (TI) 2011 (Client) and activate the TAPI layer during the installation with the corresponding TAPI line.

If it seems that the TI 2011 Client is not working correctly (for example, if the call direction is not correct), please go to the homepage. In the download section, install our free TAPI Test Tool. Although the TAPI driver seems to make an outgoing call and accept an incoming call, it could be using a wrong connection in the background.

Simply start the TAPI Test Tool and run a test by making first an incoming call and then an outgoing call.

Please copy the content of events for each action and send it to

So we will see which events are passed from TAPI driver by making an outgoing call and which event for getting an offering and accepting the call.

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to

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