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DCP Server Upgrade Error: A managed solution cannot overwrite the Attribute component with Id=

Sometimes it could happen that you receive the following error message when you upgrade your DocumentsCorePack Server.

Error importing solution

Figure 1: Error importing solution on org

When you click on retry you get following details:

Error: A managed solution cannot overwrite the Attribute component with Id=07b55925-4b04-4bfa-900f-4e20744f784c which has an unmanaged base instance. The most likely scenario for this error is that an unmanaged solution has installed a new unmanaged Attribute component on the target system, and…

Figure 2: Error message


If your error message looks similar to the screenshot, please check the following details:

  • Go to Settings->Customization->Customization
  • Select the entity AutoMergeWorkingItems ->Fields
  • Search for the field ptm_impersonatinguser
  • Check if the state of this field is unmanaged
  • In the case it is unmanaged, please remove the field

Figure 3: AutoMergeWorkingItems

  • please click on Publish All Customizations
  • try to upgrade again.
  • If you get the import error again, please contact

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