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WindowsXP and WIF (WindowsIdentityFoundation)

!! Please note: This only applies to CTI Versions 5.30 and below !! 
!! Since Microsoft has changed the EULA of their WIF SDK we are now allowed to include all required files into our setups !!

All of our client products (Telephone Integration and DocumentsCorePack Client) need the WindowsIdentityFoundation Framework to be able to connect to CRM 2011.

Unfortunately the WIF Framework is not officially supported on WindowsXP by Microsoft, but there are 2 ways to make this work on a WindowsXP OS. 


Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 & prerequisites installed on the Windows XP Client.

You need one machine that is supported for having the WIF Framework. (Vista or higher)  

Locate the Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll.

Option 1:

Register the Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll in the GAC (GlobalAssemblyCache) of the Client you want to install it on.

This makes the DLL available to any application on the specific Client.

A detailed How-To can be found here :

Option 2:

Copy the DLL to the desired target installation folder BEFORE installing the product.

You will manually have to create the folder at first.

This will enable the WIF only for the product targeted, narrowing down the possibilities of side effects.

Please note: Both ways are not supported by Microsoft.

It is not guaranteed, that this method will still work with further updates to the WIF Framework.

If Microsoft chooses to udpate the WIF Framework you might also have to replace the DLL with a newer version.

MSCRM-Addons can also not guarantee for the functionality or any possible side effects.

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